For a while, I have seen on Pinterest images about  the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar. 

Here are just a few benefits of ACV:

- Helps detox the liver 

- Reduces heartburn 

- Helps maintain your bod’s alkaline pH level 

- Helps with weight loss   



After reading this, I felt like I was living under a rock. On that note, I decided to try it starting today to share with you my thoughts in two weeks and by the end of the month as well.   Here’s the recipe I will be testing: - 1 cup of warm water - 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar - 1 tbsp of honey  I will be drinking this every morning right before breakfast and before sleeping.  I can definitely let you know now that the smell and taste is exactly as bad as you think but the benefits would definitely outweigh that.  Have you guys heard about this or tried it yet? Let me know! 


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