2018’s Must Have Money Apps

We spend so much time on our phones from Twitter to text messages so why not keep track of our expenses while we are at it? I am not an app hoarder so I only keep what I know works best especially for my finance apps since I already have a handful from my credit card companies. These apps have been game changers for me, I am sure you will enjoy them as well.

This is my personal favorite because it is super easy to use and useful. Once you have completed your profile, the app shows you a credit score for TransUnion and Equifax. It also tells you what factors affect your personal credit score so you are able to see what exactly is hurting you and how you can improve it.  Plus, the app also features a recommendation section where Credit Karma suggests cards based on your credit profile and approval odds. From experience, this has been spot on.

With Mint, you are able to see your cash to credit debt ratio, set monthly budgets, and schedule pay reminders. The app makes it easy for you to customize spending limits for categories such as gas & fuel, fast food, restaurants, groceries, etc. It will let you know how close you are to reaching the limit as well. 

Now you can get cash back for your groceries! Based on your location, where you love to shop, and your favorite apps, Ibotta customizes your shopping experience. You simply search offers in stores (let's say for potato chips in Walmart),  add the offer and then once you shop you just take a photo of your receipt and get cash added to your account once approved!