5 Etsy Finds Your Valentine Will Love

If you are not an incredibly crafty person like me then personalized online gifts are your best friends. Etsy  is FULL of awesome gifts you can customize for you and your boo. While searching for Valentine's Day ideas, I came across these ideas that are way too cute.


Night Stand Oak Wood Valet

A 100% wooden stand that offers space for placing a phone, wallet, keys and watch. Plus you can add your initials which makes it a perfect gift for a significant other.

Personalized Bar Keychain

This one is adorable if you're married! It says " I still do " with your wedding date and name engraved on it.  

SOURCE: Etsy Seller (Click Image)

Sound Art Print

This sound wave print is so beautiful. You choose what you want printed and send a sound wave to the seller and it creates a very thoughtful gift for your loved one.

Source: Etsy Seller (Click Image)

Coordinates Keychain

A trip down memory lane to where you guys first met, got married or any place that is meaningful to your relationship.

Source: Etsy Seller (Click Image)

Constellation Print

I have seen these going around on Instagram and I find them beyond beautiful and quite different from your traditional gift. It is a print of how the sky looked the day you both met.

Source: Etsy Seller (Click Image)