3 (FREE!) Certifications For A Killer Resume

If you ran out of ideas on how to take your resume to the next level, this one is for you! These courses are all completely FREE and can be done on your own time. It can difficult to attend course at an educational institution because you have physically attend but these can be done at the comfort of your home!  

This course covers skills and techniques that will help you when planning any project. You will also learn about the different toools and programs needed in project management. It takes 10-15 hours to complete the course and receive the certification.

In any business, you need to learn how to advertise in order to bring in new clients. Now, you can get a Google certification that teaches you how to use the biggest advertising platform: AdSense. (I am currently taking this course!)

You will receive an online plan of 26 digital marketing topics. Just sit back, watch the lessons and test your knowledge with the quizes and you will receive your certificate.


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