5 Questions for Effortless Decluttering

Managing clutter can be quite bothersome and time consuming. Do you go through your closet and cannot seem to get rid of anything? Half of the time, it is due to the sentimental attachment you have to items. Some things you could keep but if you have not worn or used it for a really LONG time, it needs to go. 

Stop feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things piling up with these five questions.

1. Have you used this in the past year?

If you answer no then it is time to donate! Now, if you are saying I haven't but... then put it in a separate pile to store away for 2-3 months and after that timeframe evaluate whether you "missed" it.

2. If you saw it at a store, would you buy it?

I LOVE this question because sometimes I keep things I just overlook because my tastes/preferences changed over time so I am not inclined to use it. If I know I wouldn't buy it again, then it shows I am not as big of a fan.

3. Will I use this in the next 3 months?

Make sure that what you are keeping you will put to use in the near future. If you are thinking years ahead, girl your preferences will most likely change. 

4. Could someone else benefit from this more than me?

Donating is wonderful! Someone else will probably love the items you no longer use or wear. One man's trash is another one's treasure.

5. Is it worth storing or could you use the space for something else?

You don't want to keep things that will add space without any benefits. The goal is to store what you need not what you may need if this specific situation happens a year from now (LOL)


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